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2018 Neighborhood Partnership Awards Honorees


The Neighborhood Partnership Awards recognizes neighbors or groups who through their leadership and service work with the City’s Recognized Neighborhoods are making exceptional contributions to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. The program honors those who make a difference in the community without seeking or receiving recognition for their service. The 2018 honorees include individuals and groups, who organized worked to develop a sense of community and pride in their neighborhood, who volunteer time for neighborhood beautification, spearheaded community building efforts, organized neighbor helping neighbor initiatives, and provided excellent leadership.


The Neighborhood Partnership Awards program provides an excellent opportunity for Concord’s neighbors to celebrate neighbors and community groups whose work has contributed to increasing the quality of life in our neighborhoods and City.  We’re pleased to announce the following as the 2018 Neighborhood Partnership Awards honorees:


Ms. Shirley Brannan

The Beverly Hills Neighborhood would like to recognize Shirley Brannan for her continued support and participation in neighborhood activities. As a past board member, Shirley provides insight and suggestions to the board on how to improve our programs and gain added support from the neighbors.  As a long-time Beverly Hills resident, Shirley also has great knowledge of the neighbors and helps the board keep up with new residents who have moved in as well as families who have had losses in the family so we can send a card as a neighborhood. We appreciate Shirley's energy, efforts, and her desire to return Beverly Hills to a vibrant, tight knit community. 


Lee Shuman, David and Shannon Burpeau, and Joni Liebel

The Beverly Hills Neighborhood would like to recognize Lee Shuman, David and Shannon Burpeau, and Joni Liebel for their leadership in the Beverly Hills Elementary School Save Our Schools initiative.  This amazing foursome poured their hearts and souls into an effort which initially was about saving our neighborhood elementary school but has grown into a much larger effort around protecting all Concord city elementary schools.  They organized our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods into asking for insight and answers from our school board and in doing so they have helped to create a tighter bond in the Beverly Hills neighborhood and within our city schools.  Regardless of the end outcome of the SOS effort, these Beverly Hills neighbors have shown us all what can happen when we unite for a common goal.

Recognized Neighborhood: Beverly Hills Neighborhood Association


Janet Coward

Janet is a tireless community leader on our Afton planned unit development board and smaller townhome board--and has been for years. Janet is worthy of recognition for her tireless hours of service to our neighbors/landscapes and for her bookkeeping and leadership volunteer services for our community. Janet gets her hands dirty: tirelessly planting, pruning and securing community beautification grants so that the beauty of Afton's common areas can be enjoyed by all.  Janet's service work, leadership, and acts of kindness for her neighbors and Forest Hills United Methodist Church members and guests help to make our city a great place to live, work, and play.

Recognized Neighborhood: Afton Village Community Association


Hampden Village Social Committee

Members of the Hampden Village Social Committee consistently work hard and goes above and beyond to bring their neighbors together.  They plan social gatherings that give time for families to unite and get to know one another, and giving so much of themselves to plan meetings, special activities, and fun family events that the whole neighborhood can attend. The community at one time during the year struggled with some animosity among some of the neighbors and the events planned and executed by the Social Committee help restore trust and encourage members with developing a sense of community. All of the neighbors have been given the opportunity to gather, talk in a laid-back setting, dance, share a meal, and have our children play together. AII of the ladies and gentleman involved should be super proud of all the "togetherness" they have promoted in Hampden Village.

Recognized Neighborhood: Hampden Village


Logan Community Board members Maya Jones & Donald Watson

Strong leadership on the neighborhood’s executive board is essential to the overall success of the neighborhood association.  In the Logan community, we are fortunate to have volunteer board members who are consistent and committee to ensuring success for our neighborhood organization.  Therefore, we would like to recognize the commitment and work of two board members - Ms. Maya Jones and Donald Watson. As a new board member, Mr. Watson is a committed community activist who provide great guidance and is well versed in housing, code enforcement, and community develop and provides the board of directors with a lot of insight and guidance. Maya brings a lot of youth to the board and is helping the board explore opportunities to get the youth involved in activities of the associations.  The leadership and dedication of these two board members is certainly appreciated and appreciate their continued service to the Logan Community.

Recognized Neighborhood: Logan Community Association


Mr. Elmer Spratt

Mr. Spratt is a committed servant to the neighbors in Underwood with a big heart for improving the quality of life in the City of Concord. Throughout his many years of service as the President of the Underwood Park Neighborhood he has worked closely with the City to help address substandard housing conditions and safety in the neighborhood.  He is the type of neighbor and citizen that makes Concord a great place to live.  He has maintained a close relationship with city officials as well as established great relationships with neighborhood leaders in adjoining neighborhoods.  Whenever anyone needs a helping hand, Mr. Spratt has made it his duty to help out or to find someone to help out. He is very generous, kind, and community-oriented person who cares about neighbors.

Recognized Neighborhood: Underwood Park Neighborhood Association


Mark Michaud          

Mark has served the Asheford Green community honestly, admirably and tirelessly almost 20 years.  For many of those years, he graciously served simultaneously as board treasurer and secretary. During his tenure, he assisted in development strategies to enhance the value of our properties and worked to increase the quality of life for our residents. Much of Mark's efforts for Asheford Green centered around the finances, budgets and fiduciary responsibilities that come with the financial integrity of a planned development. Mark was truly a one man "Management Company"...long before we actually hired one!  He has always been most unselfish and has continually risen to the challenge of issues that have confronted our neighborhood.  He has been a steady hand and a guiding force to promote what we believe is the greatest residential community in Concord. We are proud to nominate Mark Michaud as Asheford Green's NEIGHBORHOOD HERO.  A wonderful neighbor and a truly good friend.

Recognized Neighborhood: Asheford Green Homeowners Association


Ken Clay & Mary Byers

Ken Clay and & Mary Byers are neighbors who make a difference in their neighborhood by quietly but regularly taking on the task of maintaining their neighborhood’s entrance sign.  They have done this consistently without ever being asked to do so – they just took it upon themselves to maintain the entrance because they feel that it is the right thing to do.  The neighbors benefit from a well-kept welcoming entrance sign.  They have done this for years without ever seeking a public thank you.  Why? Because they don’t expect it at all…that is why they’re our neighborhood heroes.  Just committed neighbors who taken on responsibilities for someone (or neighborhood) without any expectations or need for thanks.  The Tay Mar neighborhood is grateful to have these committed neighbors.

Nominated by Tay Mor Neighborhood Lind Clay resident. Tay Mor is not a City recognized neighborhood.


These individuals/groups were nominated by their neighborhood for the hard work and significant efforts made to engage residents, lead, or volunteer time in their neighborhoods. The honorees will be recognized during the December 17, 2018 Neighborhood Leadership Council Recognition event and also be featured in the City Circular Magazine, the neighborhood newsletter, and posted on the program website.


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