Historic Facts

Concord 1940'sConcord's history dates back over 200 years. Back in the late 1700's, it seems there was a disagreement between the German and Scots-Irish settlements in the area over exactly where the County seat of the newly formed county of Cabarrus should be located. A compromise was eventually reached, and the new city was founded in 1796 on a 26 acre site. The city was named Concord, meaning "harmony," to reflect the spirit in which the issue was settled.

When you look at Concord today and see the wonderful mixture of progress and heritage, the perfect blend of business, industrial, and residential life, you can see that Concord still embodies the meaning of its name - "harmony."


The Old Courthouse Theatre

43 Spring Street - This unique facility was at one time the First Baptist Church of Concord. In 1986, however it became the Old Courthouse Theater and has served as one of the city's cultural centers since then. The building dates back to 1924.


Charles A. Cannon House

94 Union Street, North - This was the home of Charles A. Cannon, who developed Cannon Mills and made it into a textile giant. The house was complete in 1928.


History of the City of Concord

History of the Concord City Council 

Special edition of The Herald-Observer, April 12, 1936