We are committed to Excellent Service.

Over 1,000 people in our organization spend every day focused on providing the services needed to keep our community moving.  Regardless of which department, all of Concord’s coworkers are committed to providing excellent, customer-focused service.  Nine principles help us deliver a high level of quality services: Concern for the Individual, Customer Focus, Fair and Equitable Service, Professional Service, Effective Communications, Taking Ownership, Timeliness, Teamwork, and Great Service Recovery.

Have you experienced great service from Team Concord?

If so, we hope you’ll let us know so we can recognize that coworker with a "High 5 for Excellent Service."  You can get started by clicking the blue Nominate button below to fill out the nomination form or call us at 704-920-6400 to submit your acknowledgment via the telephone voicemail line.

Recent High 5s

Lorry Stegall
Lorry was exceptionally helpful to me when I called in for a service transfer. She patiently helped me find the website I needed and instructed me on how to properly fill it out. She also applied a credit I had to my existing bill to further reduce my next monthly bill. You guys are very lucky to have an employee that is not only great at her job, but takes great pride in her work performance. Thanks again, Lorry

Submitted 04/25/2022

Lorry stegall
She was super helpful with processing my new electric account

Submitted 04/12/2022

Glenn at Concord Airport is one of the fuel handlers/ground support team members that you can always count on for fast, efficient, friendly and safe service. He recently went the extra mile to clean our hangar very well and check afterwards to ensure we were satisfied. Thx Glenn!

Submitted 04/12/2022

We are a construction company building an apartment complex in Concord. Everyone has been so nice and helpful- Especially Michelle. She has helped me set up the temporary electric meters for construction. She directed me on who to contact for the inspection reports and what to do for changes. Recently she helped me though an electric meter moves by providing me with information on who to contact and continued follow up. Actually, everyone at the City of Concord has been very professional, helpful and actually calls me back. This is making this project so much easier to manage. Hopefully our next project will be in Concord too.

Submitted 04/05/2022

Karin Mazzaro
I was experiencing some technical issues when trying to pay my bill. Karin really stepped up and took the extra time to troubleshoot, helping me get my issues resolved. Thank you Karin!

Submitted 03/29/2022

Cheryl Craft
The police department held a Promotion Ceremony Celebration on Friday, March 18th. Cheryl did a phenomenal job assisting with the planning and coordinating. She ensured every major part of the event was flawlessly executed. This is just a testament to her many talents. Cheryl's ability to rise to any challenge is truly remarkable. Cheryl, we thank you for your dedication, commitment, and devotion to the department. You are indeed an amazing team player, and we are fortunate to have you as part of our team!

Submitted 03/21/2022

Officers Robinson, Medina, Martin, and Giraldo
Thank you a million for pushing my dead car from the middle of 29, jumping it, and allowing me to safely get back to work! You guys rock!!!!

Submitted 03/19/2022

Angela H
Angela was being a team player, by helping out with the restroom on Friday. She called me and ask if I needed any help since we were short staff. Angela really step up and help me when I needed it. Thanks so much Angela.

Submitted 03/11/2022

Stephanie Cokeley
Thanks for getting the scuff marks off the floor.

Submitted 03/04/2022

Sandy Franklin
Sandy was extremely helpful in getting my water/sewer/trash turn-on date pushed up to the date we were actually moving after a third party company dropped the ball. We would've had to push back our move-in date potentially until the next weekend! Sandy was active and helping me get everything finished even as the business day was winding down when most people would have already gone home!

Submitted 02/23/2022

Robin Hatley
I have lived in Concord since 2005 and anytime I have called and spoke to Robin, she has been such a nice person to talk to. She is always so pleasant and willing to help us out. Robin should be recognized for being so cordial and her great customer service!

Submitted 02/16/2022

Robert Williams, Dale Hinson, Austin Reece, & Hunter Buckwell
I want to commend them for the excellent job they did cleaning some fallen trees from the road behind my house that was blocking the entrance/exit for one of the sections of my neighborhood in Sheffield Manor.

Submitted 01/03/2022

Lewis Phifer
Lewis does a tremendous job maintaining Dorton Park. He is steadfast in his work and is always willing to offer a wave and a smile. I appreciate Lewis and his work!

Submitted 12/06/2021

Officer Brown
Officer Brown was super helpful today with assisting me with an issue and keeping my company vehicle reliable. HUGE thank you!

Submitted 11/30/2021

Kristen Marckese
On 11/23/2021, while working at the customer service counter at the commercial terminal, Mrs. Marckese was contacted by a customer who had left their book bag in the parking deck at the airport. Mrs. Marckese personally went and walked the parking deck, locating the individual’s person belongs. Mrs. Marckese then secured the bag, contacted the owner, and turned the bag over to Allegiant to be picked up at a later time. I feel this is above and beyond and would like to recognize Mrs. Marckese for her actions.

Submitted 11/26/2021

Officer Shoaf, Officer Bassett, Officer Berry, and Sgt. Chastain,
I just wanted to say thank you to all the Officers who helped me during my accident. One Officer helped me get my stuff, another helped me with my report and the others helped me at the Hospital. I appreciate everything you guys did for me.

Submitted 11/22/2021

Brannan Henry and Station 1
Captain Henry and the guys at Station 1 hosted our Cub Scout Pack for a tour of the station and a safety lesson. They were incredibly accommodating and showed the kids a great time. It was a night they'll never forget, my 6 year old talks about it every day. Thank you Captain Henry and the entire Concord Fire Department for choosing a life of helping others and for always being a great example for those of us who look up to you!

Submitted 11/10/2021

Concord Officer Honey
I witnessed Officer Honey wait patiently on the side of the interstate with a young lady who had blown out her tire. Officer Honey showed extreme kindness and allowed the young lady to wait in his warm car while he stood out in the cold changing her tire! This officer did a great job!

Submitted 11/07/2021

MPO Ryan Corl
I had a friend flying in from Florida to the Concord Regional Airport. I ended up with an issue of picking him up so I needed to leave a car for him. The problem was going to be getting him the keys and him knowing where I parked. I was put in touch with Officer Ryan Corl and he was able to figure out how to resolve my issue. I appreciate him going above and beyond his normal duties to help me out.

Submitted 11/05/2021

MPO Jason Collins
On Nov 5th our Basic Law Enforcement Training class was studying Preparing and Testifying in Court. We needed an officer to come to the courtroom and show the students the proper way to testify in court and the officer we had lined up couldn't make it at the last minute. Officer Collins volunteered to fill in and help us out. He was very professional and did a great job. He was able to share some very insightful information with the class that they can use in the field. Thank you Officer Collins for your help and your service to the community.

Submitted 11/05/2021