Citizen Public Safety Academy

The City of Concord believes in creating partnerships with the citizens who live and work in our City.  We believe this partnership keeps our quality of life at a high level and allows us to provide the best municipal services possible.

To help build this partnership, Concord CommunicationsEmergency ManagementFire, and Police staff are proud to host a Citizen Public Safety Academy each spring.  This course allows citizens to learn about the functions of Concord's public safety departments, meet staff, and help us evaluate the services we provide.

The Citizen Public Safety Academy is an eight-week course that typically begins in early February. Classes are traditionally held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

During the course, the Concord Police Department instructs three classes on all functions of the department and gives an in-depth look at its evidence-based community policing philosophy. Three classes are also be taught by Concord Fire staff, including presentations on the various services provided as well as how all of us can be safer in our daily lives. Concord Emergency Management joins one class with Concord Fire to help you learn how the city plans for and responds to disasters and other emergencies. One class is scheduled with Communications to explain what happens when you call 911.  The eighth week is a graduation dinner to honor academy participants. 

Click HERE for a copy of the 2022 Citizen Public Safety Academy Course Calendar. 

Class participants are encouraged to participate in an exchange of information that will benefit all involved. Class size is limited to 20.  Applications for the 2022 course are now closed. For more information on the course, please contact Crystal Green, Police Administration Manager, Concord Police Department, at 704-920-5007 or by email

Course instructors:

Gary Gacek – Chief of Police

Jake Williams – Fire Chief

Bethany Ledwell – Communications Director

Ian Crane – Emergency Management Coordinator


17th Citizen Public Safety Academy
Class of 2022

2022 Citizen Public Safety Academy Graduates

Graduates (in alphabetical order): Jamie Baker, Maureen Brendle, Margaret Britton, Jeffrey Brian Brownell, Carmen Cook, Down Holowka, Michael Jemison, Karin Mazzaro, Bobbie Jo McDonald, Elizabeth McKechnie, Leah McKechnie, Sean Miller, James Morse, Darren Pauls, Lisa Review, Michael Rudawsky, Nancy Sisco, Patricia Swift, Lincoln Thomas, James Tirotta, Kendra Wilson.