The link to the City Code, Chapter 22 – CEMETERIES addressing Restrictions on use at Oakwood, Rutherford and West Concord Cemeteries is found at the bottom of this page.

The City of Concord owns and operates three municipal cemeteries: Oakwood, Rutherford, and West Concord Cemeteries.  The City’s Buildings & Grounds Department, Cemetery Division provides the maintenance and care of the cemeteries and opens and closes the grave sites for the funeral home. Funeral arrangements should be made with the funeral home of your choice. They will provide all services except for the opening and closing services provided by the City.

Purchasing a Grave Site or a Niche within the Columbarium: To purchase a grave site or a columbarium niche go to City Hall located at 35 Cabarrus Ave. West, where City staff will be available to assist you.

For help in locating a grave site that has been purchased; help with locating where a loved one is buried; or if you have questions concerning the maintenance of the cemeteries please contact Jackson Joseph at 704-920-6380 or by e-mail at:  josephj@concordnc.gov

City of Concord Cemeteries

CemeteryOakwood Cemetery
471 Church St
Concord, NC 28025

Rutherford Memorial Cemetery
480 Rutherford St. SW
Concord, NC 28025

West Concord Cemetery
331 Union Cemetery Rd SW
Concord, NC 28027

Cemetery Hours: Daily from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Grave Sites:
Grave sites are available at Rutherford Memorial Cemetery and West Concord Cemetery. There are no available grave sites at Oakwood Cemetery.  

Niches are available within the Columbarium at Oakwood Cemetery.  

Grave Sites for the burial of Cremains:  
An area within West Concord and Rutherford Cemeteries has been established for the in-ground burial of cremains. 

Transfer Ownership: 
To transfer ownership of a grave site or a niche please go to City Hall located at 35 Cabarrus Ave. West, Concord NC 28025

Fees are subject to change. For detailed cost information you can contact City Staff at 704-920-5238 or go to City Hall located at 35 Cabarrus Ave. West, Concord NC 28025.


BURIAL OPTIONS Oakwood Cemetery Rutherford Cemetery
Single Lot 4’ x 10’
West Concord Cemetery
Single Lot 5’ x 10’
Traditional In-Ground Burial Lots Sold out Resident $350
Non-Resident $500
Resident $450
Non-Resident $600
Increased cost due to larger lot size
In–Ground Burial Lots for Cremains None available

Resident $300

Non-Resident $400

Resident $300
Non-Resident $400
Columbarium Niche for Inurnment of Cremains Resident $1,500
Non-Resident $1,800
Not available Not available


All Cemeteries
In-Ground Burial
In–Ground Burial
of Cremains
In-Ground Burial
of Infant
(Site preparation
up to 3 ft.)
Inurnment of Cremains
in Columbarium
Weekdays Before 3:00 pm $525 $350 $300 $100
Weekdays After 3:00 pm $625 $450 $400 $100
Weekends/ Holidays $1,400 $750 $750 $150


Additional Information: 
Oversized burial vaults containing oversized coffins require a minimum burial lot size of 5’ x 10’. Burial lots measuring 4’ x 10’ will require the purchase of a second lot in order to accommodate an oversized vault containing an oversized coffin. An additional preparation fee of $200.00 will also be required. 

Burial or inurnment services are not available on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or Easter Sunday as the Cemeteries will be closed in observance of the Holidays. 

Graveside services can be scheduled up to 3:00 pm weekdays and 3:00 pm on weekends and on holidays.

All lots must be marked within a year from the date of burial with a head stone.  Loved ones of the deceased should contact and make all arrangements with the monument company of their choice. The City is not involved in the selection or installation of markers. 

Faded, torn and weathered flowers, flags, etc. are removed from the grave sites in the cemeteries twice a year. This bi-annual cleaning takes place before Easter and before Thanksgiving each year.  Dates for the cleaning will be posted in each cemetery prior to the cleaning. 

City Code - Chapter 22 - CEMETERIES 

Cemeteries Office
471 Church St
Concord, NC  28025

Jackson Joseph
Cemetery Maintenance Manager

Susan Sessler
Buildings & Grounds Director

Joel White
Buildings & Grounds
Deputy Director