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Baker District-Captain Ramon Gonzalez



The Baker Patrol District encompasses an area of approximately 18.67 square miles and has a residential population of approximately 31,510 residents.  There are 7 educational institutions within the district as well as 5 recreational parks, 2 recreational centers, and the 4.25-mile Brown Mill Mountain bike trail.  Baker District also has 8 active neighborhood partnerships and has 29 officers serving the district.  Baker District is home to Downtown Concord where several major projects are taking place.  These projects will transform our downtown into a thriving area full of restaurants, shops, and residential living. 

Captain Ramon Gonzalez joined the Concord Police Department in 1995 after moving here from his childhood home of New Jersey. After successfully completing basic law enforcement training, he was assigned to the Patrol Division. After two years he became a Field Training Officer and in 2007 he was promoted to the rank of Master Police Officer.

Gonzalez has served in a variety of assignments including the Criminal Investigations Division, Special Investigations Unit, and Vice and Narcotics Unit. In 2013, Gonzalez received his Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the North Carolina Justice and Training Standards Commission.

Gonzalez was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2016 and served as a team supervisor in Baker District. Gonzalez received the department’s Excellence in Police Services award in 2017. In 2018 Gonzalez was assigned to the Street Crimes Unit until his promotion to Police Lieutenant, in 2019. As Lieutenant, Gonzalez served as a Watch

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