The City of Concord Sustainability is dedicated to fostering sustainable practices to promote the health and resiliency of our community using innovative and holistic approaches in meeting the need of current and future generations through mindful stewardship of our shared resources.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability, in the most basic terms, is simply conserving economic, environmental and social resources for the future. It is meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development can be facilitated by policies and practices that integrate environmental, economic, and social values in decision making. In keeping with the City of Concord’s Core Values, elected officials and staff work daily toward the best possible future for Concord and its citizens.


City of Concord Sustainability efforts







Sustainability Updates

Reusing no longer wanted or needed items is an important and effective way to divert trash from the waste stream, aka send less stuff to the landfill. This is particularly important for users of the...

Recycling is one of the tools we have here in Concord, NC for reducing the waste that goes into the landfill, saving us money and reducing the environmental impacts of harvesting additional natural...