Neighborhood Matching Grants Program

The Neighborhood Matching Grant (NMG) program was established to assist recognized neighborhood organizations in funding projects which will enhance and strengthen neighborhoods. The program awards up to $3,000.00 in matching grant funds to eligible recognized neighborhood organizations. The grant is a competitive grant and neighborhoods will compete for the grant with other recognized neighborhoods. 

The goal of the program is to facilitate neighborhood self-improvement. All projects are initiated, planned and implemented by neighborhood members. Every award is matched by neighborhoods’ or communities’ resources of volunteer labor, donated materials, donated professional services and/or cash. The program encourages collaboration and partnerships with the city and others. Grants are awarded annually by City Council. 

Concord City Council Awards FY 2020/2021 Neighborhood Matching Grants

For FY 2022, all eligible recognized neighborhood organizations were invited to apply for funding. The submittal deadline was Friday May 21, 2021.  On Thursday, July 8, 2021 Concord City Council awarded $30,00.00 in Neighborhood Matching Grant funds to the following recognized neighborhoods:

  1. $2,830 – Bedford Farms Homeowner's Association
  2. $3,000 – Christenbury Village
  3. $3,000 – Covington Community
  4. $3,000 – Hampden Village Property Owners Association
  5. $1,700 – Hidden Pond Homeowner's Association
  6. $1,300 – Hidden Pond Homeowner’s Association
  7. $3,000 – Highland Creek Community Association
  8. $2,450 – Lanstone Homeowner's Association
  9. $2,850 – Moss Creek Village Homeowner's Association
  10. $2,900 – Ramsgate Homeowner's Association
  11. $970 –  Residents of Historic Concord
  12. $3,000 – Winding Walk Homeowner's Association

FY22 Grantee List

FY21 Grantee List

FY20 Grantee List 

FY19 Grantee List

How much money is available?

The maximum award is $3,000 per neighborhood organization. Neighborhoods may apply for any amount not to exceed $3,000. The value of the neighborhood’s contribution must be equal to or greater than the amount awarded.

Who Can Apply?

Any formally recognized neighborhood organization that has been in the City of Concord’s Neighborhood Program for at least one year. NMG awards are not made to individual persons, or applicants who have failed to successfully carry out NMG projects funded in the preceding year. Eligible recognized neighborhood organizations should carefully read the program policy for full requirements.  

Note: Recognized neighborhoods that are inactive and are considered in “dormant” status are not eligible for Neighborhood Matching Grant funds until they fulfill the criteria for reactivation. 

What kinds of projects are eligible?

There is no specific list of projects, however, examples of projects might include, landscaping, sign toppers or entrance signs, bank stabilization, new recreational amenities, or neighborhood watch activities. All projects must demonstrate its capacity to benefit the entire neighborhood, and must address a neighborhood issue or need in one of five categories are eligible for funding:

  1. Physical Improvement Projects
  2. Neighborhood Identity Projects
  3. Community building events
  4. Environmental projects
  5. Public Safety

Funded projects should:

  1. Be completed in twelve months or less.
  2. Provide a public, neighborhood benefit.
  3. Comply with City regulations and permits in effect at the time of application.
  4. Occur within the boundaries of the neighborhood or public property or common property owned by a neighborhood organization.
  5. Be endorsed by the neighborhood organization.

To apply for the matching grant, please complete the Grant ApplicationApplications for 2021-2022 closed on May 21, 2021.                     

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