We are committed to Excellent Service.

Over 1,000 people in our organization spend every day focused on providing the services needed to keep our community moving.  Regardless of which department, all of Concord’s coworkers are committed to providing excellent, customer-focused service.  Nine principles help us deliver a high level of quality services: Concern for the Individual, Customer Focus, Fair and Equitable Service, Professional Service, Effective Communications, Taking Ownership, Timeliness, Teamwork, and Great Service Recovery.

Have you experienced great service from Team Concord?

If so, we hope you’ll let us know so we can recognize that coworker with a "High 5 for Excellent Service."  You can get started by clicking the blue Nominate button below to fill out the nomination form or call us at 704-920-6400 to submit your acknowledgment via the telephone voicemail line.

Recent High 5s

Sgt. Pizzino, Officer Bost
On April 7th, I had a flat tire on my boat trailer, at 6:30 am in the morning. Sgt. Pizzino went over and beyond to help me. He went to his house to bring his personal floor jack and called the Fleet to get a battery operated Sawzall to get me on my way. During this process Officer Bost showed up and helped as well. I just wanted to say thanks and that Sgt. Pizzino was super nice. Thank you!

Submitted 04/13/2021

Officer Murray, Coe and especially Stackenwalt
I stopped at the BP service station. I got out of the car and locked my keys inside. These gentlemen helped us to retrieve the keys by guiding us on how to do it. They were so patient with us. Hats off for OUTSTANDING service and kindness. We will always remember!!! Thank you so much.....

Submitted 03/24/2021

Andy Herring,Blair Barrier,Preston Furr,Timothy Bauer
Andy had a package that was delivered to City Hall. When he came to pick it up there was an elderly lady that had stepped into Customer Care to say that she had dropped her keys down the storm drain. I asked Andy if he could retrieve the keys for the customer. Without hesitation he said we would take care of it right away. Within minutes the customer had her keys and was on her way home. What perfect timing for Andy and the water crew to be at City Hall! Thank you for helping a customer in need.

Submitted 03/24/2021