Community News

Due to low water levels at Lake Fisher and corresponding changes to intake procedures at the Hillgrove Water Treatment Plant, some customers throughout the City of Concord’s system may notice their tap water has a cloudy appearance. This is an aesthetic issue only and there is no harm to public health; the water remains safe to consume and residents do not need to boil their water. 

Lake Fisher, one of Concord’s surface water sources is currently just over six feet below normal levels. Lake Fisher provides raw water to the Hillgrove Water Treatment Plant. Due to the lake’s low water level, the City of Concord Water Resources Department facilitated a change in the water intake levels. During this change, a large amount of air was introduced into the raw water line, causing temporary cloudiness in the finished water supply.

The disinfection process has not been affected and all water quality requirements continue to be met. The Water Resources Department is closely monitoring the cloudiness in the raw and finished water supply and making additional treatment adjustments as needed. Visual water clarity should continue to improve over the next 12-24 hours.