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The City of Concord is requesting the community’s input on the final development of the Weddington Road Corridor Plan. Guided by community input, and following adoption by City Council, this plan will articulate the city’s vision and define goals for the future development and public investment in the Weddington Road corridor. As one of the fastest growing sections of the city, this corridor offers great potential for enhanced connectivity that will improve the community’s quality of life.

The community overwhelming responded to the city’s last call for public input. At least 100 residents attended the community meeting held at the Cabarrus Country Club on April 28. During the meeting, residents received an update from the city’s Planning and Neighborhood Development Department staff on the Weddington Road Corridor Plan, and had the opportunity to ask questions and review the latest draft.

Based on public engagement, and input from both internal and external stakeholders, the following vision was developed for the Weddington Road study area:

The overarching goal of the plan is to enhance Weddington Road by making it a multi-modal street and provide opportunities for beautification with safety at the front-of-mind for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

The current Weddington Road Corridor Plan outlines implementation steps from an infrastructure, policy, and regulatory perspective to achieve this vision. The public is encouraged to review the final plan details and provide comments by visiting Public comments are open through September 18, 2022.

The public’s comments will be reviewed and reflected in final presentations and plan documents presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission and to City Council. The Planning & Zoning Commission is anticipated to review the plan at their September 20 meeting. Members of City Council are anticipated to review and vote on approval of the plan during their October council meeting.

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