Community News

Beginning Monday, March 8th, the City of Concord Electric Systems Department will be conducting residential and commercial telephone surveys as part of a long-term planning study.  The purpose of the survey is to measure opinions of residents and business owners regarding the electric service received from Concord Electric Systems, as well as communication preferences and perceptions of new strategic initiatives.

“We sincerely value our customers and want to ensure our long-term planning best reflects their needs,” said Bob Pate, Electric Systems Director.  "This survey will be vital in helping us understand customer concerns and priorities to ensure we are meeting our high standards for exceptional customer service.”

The survey will be conducted by GreatBlue Research, Inc., a professional market research firm located in Glastonbury, Conn.  A random sample of Concord Electric Systems residential and business customers will be called and the name of the firm (“GreatBlue”) will show up on the caller ID, if customers have that technology available at their home or business.  If customers do not have caller ID technology, the phone number that will appear will be 860-740-4000, or a variation of it.

As required by the Code of Ethics of the National Council on Public Polls and the United States Privacy Act of 1974, GreatBlue Research Inc. maintains the anonymity of respondents to surveys the firm conducts.  No information will be released that might, in any way, reveal the identity of the respondent to Concord Electric Systems. 

If customers have any questions about the survey, they may contact GreatBlue Research, Inc. at 860-740-4000, or Fred Porter, Manager of Engineering for the City of Concord Electric Systems Department at 704-920-5303.