Community News

Charity Langston is the 2022 recipient of the City of Concord Standing Ovation Award. The award recognizes employees who consistently demonstrate exceptional customer service. Langston received the honor for her 20 years of exemplary service to her coworkers and the citizens of Concord.

As a Right of Way Agent with the city’s Engineering Department, Langston works with property owners on the purchase of easements for city utilities, such as water, sewer, and electric. This work often involves difficult conversations and negotiations with private property owners. Langston, however, embraces her work as an opportunity to form community connections. Her friendly, professional demeanor and empathetic nature allows her to establish good rapport with customers and establish trust. Customers can count on Langston to hear their concerns, promptly respond to issues, and follow through on promises made. Langston always strives to achieve a positive result for all parties.

“Charity models for us every day the city’s commitment to customer service,” said Sue Hyde, Director, City of Concord Engineering Department. “She served many years as our department’s customer service team member and is fully committed to excellent service. Engineering is fortunate to have her as a team member and role model of the city’s core values. She is one of the city’s biggest cheerleaders.”

Langston began her career with the City of Concord as a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Technician. The opportunity to work directly with customers drew her to her current position. She values the opportunity to positively support the city’s growth while also taking care of customers’ needs. Through this challenging yet rewarding work, Langston has formed lasting bonds with customers. In fact, she named her third child after a property owner she met while working on easements along Poplar Tent Road when the city was installing 100 kV electric transmission lines.

Langston is the second recipient of the Standing Ovation Award, which was first established in 2021 to honor employees with at least two years of service who consistently uphold at least five of the city’s nine Principles of Excellent Service: Concern for the Individual, Customer Focus, Fair and Equitable Service, Professional Service, Effective Communications, Taking Ownership, Timeliness, Teamwork, and Great Service Recovery. Recipients of the award are nominated by members of the city’s Customer Service Advancement Team (CSAT) and voted on by the committee.

Charity Langston holding Standing Ovation Award Certificate