Community News

The Northwest region of Concord is one of the fastest growing areas of the city. It is also one of the most underserved areas in terms of access to public parks and recreational programming. City Council made it a goal fill this need, and the Parks and Recreation Department is now seeking the public’s input on two design concepts to influence the direction and development of the first community park for Northwest Concord.

In the fall of 2020, the Parks and Recreation Department contracted with the architectural firm Woolpert, to create a master plan and begin design on the new Northwest park.  This future park will be located on Cox Mill Road immediately north of Cox Mill Elementary School, and across the street from Cox Mill High School. 

As part of the initial assessment phase, city staff and Woolpert developed a public online survey, held a community workshop to seek community input, and had several meetings with focus groups and stakeholders to gain further insights into the programmatic needs and desires for the park. The city received over 1,000 responses and 500 written comments from the public survey. This information helped guide and drive the development of two concepts for further public consideration.

The city is now entering the next phase of the project and is seeking input from the community on these two concepts to further enhance the direction of the final master plan and development of the Northwest park.  The city is requesting residents to visit the project’s website, review the two concepts, take a brief survey, and provide written comments if they choose.

Citizens can learn more about the project and participate in the online survey by visiting  The survey will close on March 31, 2021.   

For more information, please contact Park Planner Jason Pauling at 704-920-5641 or