Community News

The City of Concord is currently seeking motivated individuals with a passion for the arts and a desire to serve the community to join the newly-established Public Art Commission. The Commission will guide implementation of the city’s first-ever Public Art Master Plan, and advise City Council on ways to foster public art projects across the city.

Earlier this year, City Council adopted Concord’s first-ever Public Art Master Plan. Developed with community input, the Master Plan is a guiding document that lays out a vision for public art programs that strengthen and unite Concord’s growing and diverse communities while celebrating the city’s rich history. The Master Plan identifies two main themes for public art in Concord: 1) giving voice to the city’s diverse communities and affirming their many contributions and; 2) strengthening the city’s identity and appeal to visitors and tourists.

“The Council's approval of Concord's Master Art Plan is an aspirational and transformational moment for our city,” said Council Member Andy Langford. “This plan offers dramatic new ways for Concord to celebrate our rich history and current diversity. It will shape how we and others see ourselves today and in generations to come.   

The new Public Art Commission, just now in formation, will be one of Concord's most exciting public bodies. I hope that any person who has a passion for public art will apply to join that work.”

In addition to guiding implementation of the Public Art Master Plan, the Commission is also responsible for identifying partnerships and encouraging greater coordination and cooperation between individuals, organizations, and institutions. The Commission will also help facilitate the development of self-sustaining art programs.

Anyone interested in serving on the Public Art Commission may apply online or obtain an application from the City Clerk’s Office. For more information on the Public Art Master Plan and the Public Art Commission visit