Community News

The City of Concord will unveil a new tribute mural to local band, The Avett Brothers, during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, April 24 at Noon at 25 Union Street, North. The ceremony will coincide with the city’s monthly Small Business Saturday festivities, which includes local promotions, sidewalk vendors, and food trucks. 

Titled “Bloom” by local Concord, NC artist Caswell Turner, owner of Cicada Studios, the mural is 352 inches tall by 500 inches wide and was installed using a vinyl adhesion process.  The entire mural is vector artwork and took Turner more than 72 hours to create. The Avett Brothers approved the mural.

The lyrics from The Avett Brothers songs are subtly incorporated into the mural.  Turner created a full “Lyric Collection” that starts to the right of the band’s name and spans the length of the mural. Turner included all of the band’s current songs starting with “Kind of in Love” and ending with “The Fire.” This interactive element will allow fans and visitors to search for the lyrics to their favorite songs.

In addition to the City of Concord, more than 150 individual donors, community organizations, and local businesses contributed to the project.