Community News

The Concord City Council released the following statements after the passing of former Council Member Lamar Barrier.  Barrier was Concord’s longest serving council member, and one of the longest serving in the state.  He faithfully and diligently served the citizens of Concord as the council member for District 5 from 1985 until his retirement in 2017.

“With the passing of my friend, Lamar Barrier, our community has lost one of our most dedicated and beloved leaders,” said Mayor Bill Dusch.  “I have known and worked with Lamar for over 30 years; he truly exemplified what it means to lead with the heart of a servant. He deeply cared for his community and served the citizens of Concord with honor, integrity, and humility. To his family, I thank you for sharing him with us, we will miss him dearly.”

“Lamar loved his city and the people in it, and they loved him back,” said Council Member W. Brian King.  “I recall when riding in the Christmas parades with Lamar how everyone shouted his name from the parade route to ensure he saw them waving and he would always wave back and he knew them all.  His dedication and service on the Concord City Council and the many nonprofit boards which he served showed Lamar’s passion for making Concord a better place to live.  Lamar has left a positive mark on Concord during his life of service.  I wish his family comfort and peace.  Our city has lost a champion this week.”

“Lamar was a dedicated servant who served on the Concord City Council and numerous nonprofit organizations for decades,” said Council Member Ella Mae Small.  “He was a friend of mine and always made sure that I was able to find locations whenever council members were invited to attend events.  My thoughts and prayers are with Christine and their family during this difficult time.”

“When I ran for City Council in 2017, I really did not know Lamar, but I got to know him during the election; Lamar was extremely kind to me and very helpful and supportive,” said Council Member JC McKenzie.  “As I watched him interact with the voters, I realized his love for this city.  He will be greatly missed; I will miss him.”

“I had the pleasure of knowing Lamar for over 16 years, and in 2016 he and I fought a great election for the Concord City Council,” said Council Member Terry Crawford.  “I highly respected Lamar for his 32 years of service to the citizens of Concord.  He had been a decision maker to more changes to our great city than any other present Councilman.  The naming of our commercial airport terminal in his honor is a great way to keep his memory front and center for generations of Concordians to come.”

“I am honored to have known Lamar as a man, husband, father and friend,” said Council Member Jennifer P. Hubbard.  “His deep love for the city and the over 1,000 employees was evident in every decision he made and word he spoke.  This city will forever be changed for his over 32 years of service and dedication.  You will be missed my friend!”

“Lamar Barrier truly loved his country, city, its citizens and the history that defines Concord,” said Council Member John Sweat, Jr.  “I owe him a lot for all he did to educate me on the ways of the City Council as a new council member.  I will never attend Spiders on the Beach or the Christmas Parade without thinking of him, his input and sense of humor.  He was always there to take care of his citizens and their needs in dire times, and always there to lend a hand of love and support when needed.  RIP Lamar, you have truly lived a life of service and compassion for your fellow men and women.”

During his tenure as Council Member for District 5, Barrier was a strong advocate for public safety and was instrumental in the expansion of Concord-Padgett Regional Airport.  The city recently announced the naming of the commercial airport terminal building in Barrier’s honor. Barrier also volunteered his time with several nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting the city’s youth and enhancing residents' health, safety, and education.