Community News

Nearly 250 City of Concord employees canvassed over 39 miles of roads across the city, removing more than 200 bags of trash and 22 bags of recyclables, during the city’s annual Winter Litter Sweep. In addition to routine cleanups by public works crews, staff from all departments of the city team up three times per year for litter sweeps. The annual litter sweeps are part of the city’s overall litter abatement strategy and efforts to protect the environment, enhance communities, and improve quality of life.

The city also recently hired its first Sustainability Coordinator to strengthen and enhance existing litter abatement and waste reduction programs, identify and implement sustainable practices within city systems, and energize and expand public awareness and education programs. The city is also actively pursuing new public engagement programs and collaborations that will help keep the city’s streets and streams clean.

As the city continues its efforts, the public is encouraged to join in helping to keep Concord beautiful. Residents can get involved in local cleanup efforts by:

Community groups interested in organizing a neighborhood litter sweep should call Juliann Chavez, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Concord, at 704-920-5379