Adopt a Stream

There are over 160 miles of streams within the City of Concord city limits.  When it rains, unwanted trash and debris is washed from the roads straight into the storm drainage system.  The storm drains lead directly to ponds, streams, and lakes.  This litter makes the streams and lakes look terrible!  Removing the waste not only beautifies our waterways, but also helps improve both water quality and the health of aquatic habitats.

The City of Concord offers two stream clean-up programs: Clean-A-Creek and Adopt-A-Stream

Clean-A-Creek is a one-time clean-up of a stream segment of your group’s choosing.

Adopt-A-Stream is a long-term commitment.  Groups are asked to complete two stream clean-ups each year.  After two successful clean-ups, Concord Water Resources will place a sign denoting your group as adoptees of your chosen stream segment.

Accessibility to stream: We ask that each group visit the area before clean up, to choose the best access for your group to enter the stream for clean-up.

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Available Equipment and Supplies:

  • Safety Vests
  • Gloves
  • Trash/Recycling Bags
  • Trash Grabbers (must be returned)





Want to participate? Please follow the steps below:

Select a segment

  • Find the stream segment you are interested in and click on the interactive map below.  When selected, fill out the form through the map.
  • Choose whether your group is participating in Adopt-A-Stream OR Clean-A-Creek.


  • We will contact you upon approval of the submitted form and send you a contract and liability release for you to complete and email back, before the stream clean up date. (The Adopt-A-Stream Contract requires that your group perform 2 Stream clean-ups per year along your designated stream segment.)

Information needed before clean-up

  • One week before EACH cleanup, if you’d like to borrow supplies, please complete the Equipment Checkout Form.  Be sure to indicate amounts and types of equipment your group will need.
  • When checking out equipment, your group agrees to return the trash grabbers in the shape they were received, and to return them no later than 2 days after your scheduled stream clean up.
  • If your scheduled stream clean-up is delayed, please notify City of Concord personnel so that we can reallocate equipment for your rescheduled clean-up date.

After Clean-up

  • Please take all collected waste (orange trash bags) to an accessible curbside location.  Then report the location to the City of Concord so that the waste can be collected.  Any recyclable items may be placed inside green City of Concord recycle buns or clear trash bags.
  • Upon completion of EACH stream clean-up, please complete a Field Activity Report through the map below, by clicking on your Stream Segment and choosing “Field Activity Report Form”.



Contact Heather Freeman at 704-920-5376

Or send an email to


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