Council Agenda

Regular City Council meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Council Chambers.

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The agenda is prepared and distributed on Friday preceding the meeting to council and news media. A work session is then held on the Tuesday preceding the regular meeting at 4:00 pm.

A second work session is held every third Tuesday of each month from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

In the table below, City Council Agendas and Minutes are posted as they are available. City Council Action Agendas are posted in place of Minutes until Minutes are adopted by Council.

The next sewer allocation meeting will be held December 20th at 11:00 AM in Council Chambers in City Hall.  For more information on the city's sewer allocation policy, including submission deadlines, please visit

Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Type Meeting Date Meeting Agenda Agenda Packet Sewer Allocation Packet Meeting Minutes
Work Session 10-6-2020 2020-10-08.pdf
Regular Meeting 9-10-2020 2020-09-101.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-09-10 18-00.pdf
Work Session 9-8-2020 2020-09-10.pdf
2020-09-08 PUM.pdf
Work Session 8-11-2020 2020-08-13.pdf
Regular Meeting 8-11-2020 2020-08-131.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-08-13 18-00.pdf
Regular Meeting 7-9-2020 2020-07-091.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-07-09 18-00.pdf
2020-07-09 .pdf
Work Session 7-7-2020 2020-07-09.pdf
Special Meeting 6-26-2020 2020-06-26 Special meeting notice .pdf
Special Meetings Agenda Packet 2020-06-26 09-00.pdf
2020-06-26 Special meeting.pdf
Regular Meeting 6-11-2020 2020-06-111.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-06-11 18-00.pdf
Work Session 6-9-2020 2020-06-11.pdf
Regular Meeting 5-14-2020 2020-05-141.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-05-14 18-00.pdf
Work Session 5-12-2020 2020-05-14.pdf
Special Meeting 4-21-2020 2020-04-21 Special meeting notice .pdf
2020-04-21 Special meeting.pdf
Regular Meeting 4-9-2020 2020-04-09.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-04-09 18-00.pdf
Work Session 4-7-2020 2020-04-07 External Agencies Work Session Budget Presentation.pdf
Special Meeting 4-7-2020 2020-04-07 Special meeting notice external agencies hearing and budget workshop.pdf
2020-04-07 External Agencies Work Session Budget Presentation1.pdf
Regular Meeting 3-24-2020 2020-03-24 Special meeting.pdf
Work Session 3-10-2020 2020-03-10.pdf
Regular Meeting 2-13-2020 2020-02-13.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-02-13 18-00.pdf
Work Session 2-11-2020 2020-02-11.pdf
Planning Session 1-31-2020 2020-01-30 & 31 Council Planning Session Agenda1.pdf
Council Planning Session Agenda Packet 2020-01-31 12-00.pdf
2020-01-30 & 01-31 Planning Session.pdf
Planning Session 1-30-2020 2020-01-30 & 31 Council Planning Session Agenda.pdf
Regular Meeting 1-9-2020 City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda 2020-01-09 18-00.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-01-09 18-00.pdf
Work Session 1-7-2020 2020-01-07.pdf
Regular Meeting 12-12-2019 2019-12-12.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2019-12-12 18-00.pdf
Work Session 12-10-2019 2019-12-10.pdf
Special Meeting 12-2-2019 2019-12-2 Emergency Mtg notice.pdf
2019-12-02 Emergency mtg.pdf
Regular Meeting 11-14-2019 2019-11-14 with narrative.pdf
Work Session 11-12-2019 2019-11-12.pdf
Regular Meeting 10-10-2019 2019-10-10.pdf
Work Session 10-8-2019 2019-10-08.pdf
Regular Meeting 9-12-2019 2019-09-12.pdf
Work Session 9-10-2019 2019-09-10.pdf
Regular Meeting 8-8-2019 2019-08-08.pdf
Work Session 8-6-2019 2019-08-06.pdf
Regular Meeting 7-11-2019 2019-07-11.pdf
Work Session 7-9-2019 2019-07-09.pdf
Regular Meeting 5-09-2019 2019-05-09.pdf
Work Session 5-7-2019 2019-05-07.pdf
Regular Meeting 4-11-2019 2019-04-11.pdf
Work Session 4-09-2019 2019-04-09 External Agencies and Work Session.pdf
Regular Meeting 3-14-2019 2019-03-14.pdf
Work Session 3-12-2019 2019-03-12.pdf
Regular Meeting 2-14-2019 2019-02-14.pdf
Work Session 2-12-19 2019-02-12.pdf
Planning Session 1-31-19 2019-01-31 and 2019-02-01 Planning Session.pdf
Regular Meeting 1-10-19 2019-01-10.pdf
Work Session 1-8-2019 2019-01-08.pdf
Work Session 2019-06-11.pdf
Regular Meeting 2019-06-13.pdf
Regular Meeting 2020-03-12.pdf
City of Concord Council Meeting Agenda Packet 2020-03-12 18-00.pdf
Work Session 2021-03-11.pdf
Regular Meeting 2023-09-141.pdf