Language Access Program

The City of Concord is committed to providing accessibility to persons whose dominant, only, and/or primary language is something other than English, and to improving and increasing access to City-operated programs and services.

The City of Concord has been accepted into Institute for the Study of the Americas’ Local Government Language Access Collaborative, in partnership with El Puente Hispano, an active non-profit organization dedicated to furthering Hispanics in the area. Through this program, our City-Community team of 7 will learn promising practices, conduct an assessment to gauge current offerings and opportunities, and draft/implement a language access plan.

The team will focus on expanding our Spanish language offerings, but also aim to include other languages based on community need.

Our progress can be tracked through this webpage and El Puente Hispano’s newsletter, Conéctate Cabarrus.



Project Updates

The City of Concord is joined by eight other teams from across the state of North Carolina as participants in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Local Government Language Access Program (LACP). The program is an interactive year-long...



Key Terms and Concepts

Language Access: providing individuals who dominant, only, and/or primary language is something other than English reasonable and meaningful access to the same services as individuals who speak English; also refers to the laws and policies that guarantee people access to written, verbal, or visual materials or services in their preferred languages

Language Justice: a framework that respects every individual’s fundamental language rights—to be able to communicate, understand, and be understood in the language in which they prefer and feel most articulate and powerful; challenges the idea that English is the dominant language and highlights historical and current power dynamics; questions the notion that not speaking English is a deficiency and honors that speaking all languages is an important part of a community’s power