Memorial Trees

The City of Concord Memorial Tree Program allows residents to donate a tree in honor of a friend, family member, or commemorative event. For a minimum donation of $150.00 residents can select an available location and complete an application form from our interactive map

The City of Concord will plant donated trees between the months of November and February as these are the best months for tree planting. The City will warranty the tree for the first three years and provide perpetual maintenance while the tree is healthy and viable.

Concord understands the importance of having healthy trees and greenspace to reduce airborne pollutants, reduce surface temperatures, control soil erosion, and slow surface water runoff in our City. Through your purchase of a memorial tree you partner with the City of Concord to achieve these benefits and improve the tree canopy of our city.

Tree Forest

Bill Leake
City Arborist

Susan Sessler
Buildings & Grounds Director

Joel White
Buildings & Grounds
Deputy Director