Electric Systems

Alfred M. Brown Operations Center

635 Alfred Brown Jr. Court SW
Concord, NC  28025

The mission of the City of Concord Electric Systems Department is to delivery consistent and reliable electric service in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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A Program That Allows You to Help Control Power Cost

The City of Concord Electric Department needs your help in controlling wholesale power costs. In our budget, wholesale purchase power cost is the largest expense and it dominates three quarters of the budget. The largest portion of the cost is determined on a peak day that occurs on a hot summer afternoon. With our customers’ help, we will be able to reduce demand for electricity during the summer when a large portion of our wholesale power cost is determined. This will benefit Concord with lower wholesale power cost. The “Concord Peak Partners” program will allow us to let our Partners know when power costs are going to be high so they can take action. The “Concord Peak Partners” program will ask our customers to adjust thermostats, turn off lights, delay the use of major appliances or equipment, and conserve electricity in any other way that you can on hot summer weekdays between 1 PM and 6 PM. This is a voluntary program for our customers. By participating, you will be partnering with us to help control rising wholesale purchase power cost that has to be passed on to you. How do you participate in the “Concord Peak Partners” program? When the City’s Electric Department staff thinks a peak situation is going to occur, an email or text message will be sent to those customers who volunteer to participate.

Please contact the City of Concord's Electric Systems Department for additional information.

A sign-up sheet is available for printing.


“Home Grown Power”

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The City of Concord Promotes Energy Efficiency 

Residential Heat Pump Rebate 

Residential Energy Assessment Program 



Stay safe after the storm. TIPS to prevent accidental injury to your family and utility workers restoring power



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Please go to the "do-it-yourself" home energy audit on energy.gov


Our customers can now view their electric and other utility usage information by logging into:

e-Care, Click here for our customer service web portal.


Use the U.S. Department of Energy link to connect with Energy Technology Information. A governmental department whose mission is to advance energy technology and promote related innovation in the United States.


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The City of Concord is one of 176 of the nation's more than 2,000 public power utilities, to earn Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3®) recognition.


The City of Concord's Electric System Department is committed to assisting our customers with controlling their electric usage. After utilizing the web based tools if you still have additional questions, contact the City's Customer Care Center at 704-920-5555.

City of Concord's Technical Standards Manual Article VI- Electric Systems
Electric Construction and Metering Specifications

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Mailing Address
City of Concord
Electric Systems
P.O. Box 308
Concord, NC  28026-0308

Alex Burris
Director of Concord Electric Systems
(704) 920-5335

Scott Chunn
Deputy Director of Electric Systems
(704) 920-5304

Fred Porter 
Electrical Engineering Manager
(704) 920-5303

Christopher Greene
Supervisor, Electric Metering Systems
(704) 920-5316

Jackie Rushing
Electric Overhead Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-5306

Billy Robins
Electric Underground Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-6328

John Russell
Project Engineer
(704) 920-5309

Andrea Cline  
Coordinator, Substation Maint., SCADA and Peak Generation
(704) 920-5325

Jenny Volpicelli   
Electric Safety Coordinator
(704) 920-5328