Loose Leaf Collection

  Loose Leaf Schedule 2022-2023
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Loose leaves are collected curbside November to January, according to the published schedule

You can find out if crews have swept your street yet during each cycle or when your next collection week occurs by using our Loose Leaf tracker application located below.  

Do not mix limbs, rocks, or other material with your leaves. Contamination can damage collection equipment or injure crew members or bystanders.

Properly bagged leaves are collected year-round on your scheduled collection day.  Leaves must be bagged in biodegradable yard waste paper bags in order to be collected.  Bags should weigh less than 35 pounds each.  

Leaves left at curb after loose-leaf season ends must be placed in  paper yard waste bags for collection. 

Second Chance Leaf Collection is offered for two weeks after the last week of leaf season.  A fee of $75/collection will be charged to the resident.




Loose Leaf Collection Tracker