Rental Fees


City Resident Non-Resident
Shelters/Gazebo - Half Day $10 $25
Shelters/Gazebo - Full Day $20 $50
Amphitheaters - Half Day $10 $25
Amphitheaters - Full Day $20 $50

Rental Periods

Half Day 8:00am - 2:00pm 3:00pm - 9:00pm
Full Day 8:00am - 9:00pm   




City Resident Non-Resident
Community Rooms $25 per hour $50 per hour
Meeting Rooms $10 per hour $20 per hour
Athletic Fields/Courts Fee Varies Fee Varies
Tennis Courts $2 per hour $4 per hour
Outdoor Basketball Courts $2 per hour $4 per hour
Gymnasium $50 per hour $100 per hour
Recreation Centers * $100 per hour $200 per hour

Rental Periods

By the hour 8:00am - 8:00pm  


*Note - Recreation Centers does not include weight room or cardio room.


A $50 - $100 deposit is required for Facility rentals (excluding individual court rentals). The deposit will be refunded if the facility is left in satisfactory condition, all conditions are met and no damages are reported.

facilities for rent

Community Rooms & Buildings

C.T. Sherrill Community Building

Daniel Pharr Community Building

Fire Station 7

Fire Station 8

Fire Station 9


Recreation Centers & Indoor COurts

Academy Recreation Center

Hartsell Recreation Center

Logan Multi-Purpose Center


Parks & Shelters

Beverly Hills Park

Caldwell Park

Dorton Park

Hartsell Park

McGee Park

Myers Park

Athletic Fields & Facilities

Caldwell Park

Dorton Park

Flowe Park

Gibson Field

Hartsell Ballfield Complex

McAllister Field

Myers Park

Webb Field