The City of Concord is conducting a study of the Concord Mills Boulevard – Bruton Smith Boulevard Corridor to establish a community vision and path to achieve that vision. These Boulevards are some of the largest and busiest roads in the city and home to some of the most visited entertainment attractions Concord has to offer. Head over to Public Input to fill out our Follow-Up Survey. Survey closes on Friday, April 19, at 11:59 PM. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and vision!


Project Overview

In recent years, Concord has experienced extraordinary growth in the tourism industry. Major attractions such as Concord Mills, Great Wolf Lodge, Embassy Suites and Conference Center, Hendrick Motorsports, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway bring visitors to the area daily.

It is important that the city remains an attractive and convenient place to visit. Ensuring appropriate development and infrastructure investment, particularly near The Boulevards, is essential to maintaining the City’s unique position as a draw for visitors.

The City of Concord’s 2030 Land Use Plan defines the Concord Mills Blvd/Bruton Smith Blvd Area as the Entertainment Corridor Character Area. This area connects two of Concord’s biggest regional attractions and economic assets – Concord Mills on the west side of I-85 and the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the east.

Exit 49 along I-85 provides easy access to these attractions for regional visitors, but the Concord Mills/Bruton Smith corridors experience heavy traffic congestion, especially during peak traffic times surrounding rush hour, events and holidays.

Between Derita Road and the Speedway are traditional retail and a few multi-family developments within the Mixed-Use Activity Center surrounding Concord Mills, commercial with restaurants and hotels east of I-85, and numerous auto dealerships to the west of the Speedway.

With this in mind, the City of Concord is conducting a study of the Concord Mills Boulevard – Bruton Smith Boulevard Corridor (i.e. The Boulevards) to establish a community vision and path to achieve that vision. 


Study Area


Focus Areas

Transportation: The way that residents, employees, and visitors get to and move around the Boulevards have a huge impact on the area’s future. This corridor study will consider the ways people move today, and how they’d like to move in the future.

Land Use: The various businesses, residents, and other destinations along the Boulevards drive demand and attention in the area. The City’s 2030 Land Use Plan established a vision of what this area may become in the future.

Utilities and Infrastructure: Ensuring sufficient utilities are present is a key component to ensuring a region is prepared to succeed. Existing utility easements can also provide opportunities for further improvements.

Market Conditions: Including trade areas, demographics, and looking at gaps in the market.



  • Improve the look and feel of the corridor and create a unique sense of place.

  • Create inviting and safe spaces to gather.

  • Provide safe and efficient walk and bike routes while preserving vehicular mobility.


If you have any questions please contact Design Manager, Kaylee Caton

Photos courtesy of Explore Cabarrus. Photo Credit: Michael A. Anderson