Fleet Services


The Fleet Services Department of the City of Concord is responsible for overseeing a fleet of over 1000 vehicles and equipment. The mission of the Fleet Services Department is to provide quality and timely maintenance for the City fleet in order to maintain an availability rate of 98% while minimizing costs.

Fleet Services provides various services to City departments including the acquisition of and disposal of fleet vehicles and equipment, management of fuel operations, and the development of City's air quality initiatives in conjunction with regional partners.  


Acquisition and Disposal of Equipment and Vehicles

Fleet Services acquires vehicles and equipment for all departments through the competitive bid process.  Each unit is procured, maintained, and disposed of with the goal of attaining the lowest possible life-cycle cost. To become a part of the bid process, contact Doug Summer, Fleet Director, at 704-920-5431.

Used vehicles and equipment are auctioned to the public through an online auction service. This service enables the City to dispose of vehicles and equipment in a timely, cost-effective manner while improving the buying experience for customers. To view current items for sale please visit Govdeals.com



In addtion to procurement of vehicles and equipment, Fleet Services directly purchases all components and services required to maintain the fleet. If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the City you will need to contact the Purchasing Department at 704-920-5440 to complete the necessary paperwork.


Fuel Operations Management

The City of Concord maintains multiple locations throughout the City for the fueling of vehicles and equipment. In 2009 the City began an initiative to use alternative fuels.  Biodiesel was chosen as the most beneficial alternative fuel for the City, and will displace 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually.


Air Quality and Environmental Sustainability

Fleet diversification of vehicles began in the City of Concord in 2003 with the purchase of our first hybrid electric vehicle for the Meter Reading Department. As older, less-efficient vehicles are replaced, Fleet Services researches and recommends more fuel-efficient and cleaner operating vehicles and equipment to reduce our fuel usage and to improve air quality. Today, our fleet contains both electric and hybrid/electric vehicles, and we employ the use of clean diesel technology and alternative fuels.

The City of Concord is an active participant in the Clean Cities Coalition sponsored by the U.S Department of Energy and is a core stakeholder in the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition. Fleet Services developed and administers the Concord Air Awareness Program, which educates and informs City employees about air quality issues.

Physical Address
Alfred M. Brown Operations Center
635 Alfred Brown Jr Court SW
Concord, NC 28025

Mailing Address
Fleet Services
Post Office Box 308
Concord, NC 28026-0308


Doug Summer