Business Garbage & Recycling Services

For more information about business garbage and recycling services, call the Customer Care Center at 704.920.5555.

Commercial Roll-Out Garbage Cart Service (fee-based)

  • Commercial roll-out garbage cart service for businesses, institutions, and non-profit organizations is available for a monthly fee under the following conditions
    • The organization is not a part of a development where dumpster service is available.
    • The dumpster collection truck is unable to access the facility to empty a dumpster, including residence-based organizations.
    • The business is too small to require a dumpster and fronts on a public roadway.
    • Each building is limited to 3 roll-out garbage containers, irrespective of the number of commercial generators located in that building.
    • Only City of Concord roll-out containers are serviced.
    • For more information, call 704.920.5555. Commercial Roll-Out Recycling Cart Service
  • All businesses may request up to 3 - 95 gallon recycling carts for commingle recycling (must be approved by the Solid Waste Director).
  • Commercial roll-out recycling customers must comply with the same guidelines and restrictions as residential recycling customers.

Cardboard Recycling

  • Concord also collects corrugated cardboard, free of charge, from commercial generators.
  • Loose cardboard recycling is available for small quantities of piled, flattened cardboard.
  • A crew member will help your business determine if loose cardboard collection is appropriate.
  • Businesses that generate 4 or more cubic yards of cardboard per week will be provided 1 dumpster (8 cubic yards) and 1 weekly collection free of charge by the City. Any additional dumpsters or collections needed by the business will be their responsibility. Businesses shall contact the City’s contractor to arrange for the additional collections and payment.
  • Businesses that generate 24 or more cubic yards each week may be required to provide compaction equipment.

Bulky Waste

  • Bulky waste service not available to businesses or organizations.

Yard Waste

No yard waste services are available to businesses or non-profits except as described below:

  • Loose leaf collection is only provided to churches, non-profits, and small businesses located within residential neighborhoods.
  • If your property fronts on a predominantly commercial road, you most likely do not qualify.
  • If you are uncertain that you qualify for loose leaf collection, call 704-920-5555 before you put your loose leaves to the curb.

ABC Permit Holder Recycling

In 2005, the State of North Carolina passed House Bill 1518 (SL2005-348), which requires certain ABC permit holders to recycle glass, plastic, and aluminum beverage containers whose contents are sold for on-premises consumption.

The City of Concord does not provide recycling service for ABC permit holders. It is the responsibility of the business owner to secure recycling service from a private company or to create their own ABC recycling plan.

HB 1518 applies to holders of:

  • on-premises malt beverage permits
  • on premise unfortified wine permits
  • mixed beverage permits
  • on-premise fortified wine permits

Please visit the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance’s website or call them at (800) 763-0136 for more detailed information. HB 1518 is managed by the North Carolina ABC Commission. Applicants for ABC permits must, in addition to the Permit Application, fill out a Recycling Compliance Form, or if the applicant chooses to prepare their own recycling plan, they must instead submit a Recycling Self Hauling Form. Download NCDPPEA’s ABC Legislation presentation. (PowerPoint viewer required.)

Recycling Vendors

Below is a list of vendors providing recycling services to the Concord area.

Benfield Sanitation
282 Scotts Creek Rd., Statesville, NC 28625
Customer Service: (704) 872-2668
Contact: Jeff Benfield (
Jeff McMahan: (
Offers: 96-gallon receptacles
2,4,6, & 8 cubic yard front- load dumpsters
12,20, & 30 cubic yard roll-off dumpsters
Offers: ABC Glass Recycling, Cardboard Recycling
Concrete & Asphalt Recycling, Metal & Aluminum Recycling
Single Stream Co-Mingle Recycling, Wood & Pallet Recycling

Republic/Allied Waste Services
5105-A Morehead Road, Concord, NC 28207
Customer Service: (704) 393-6900
Contacts: Sean Reidy (704) 262-6005
Alice Oehler (704) 393-6900 ext. 393
Offers: 96-gallon receptacles (sales staff determines limits)
5516 Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte, NC 28214
Customer Service: (704) 596-2077
Contact: Frank Rocco
Offers: 64-gallon & 96-gallon receptacles

All-Points Waste Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 2458, Indian Trail, NC 28079
Customer Service: (704) 821-5424
Contact: Amber Elliot
Offers: 96-gallon recptacles
8 cubic yard dumpster
12, 20, & 30 cubic yard roll-offs with lids
* may supply in-house collection receptacles

New Market Waste Solutions
310 Arlington Avenue - Suite 204, Charlotte, NC 28203
Telephone: (704) 632-9934
Contact: Mark Stack (
Rob Ryan (
Offers: 90-gallon receptacles
2 to 8-cubic yard dumpsters
20 cubic yard and 40-cubic yard roll-offs

Pickett Up Recycling
Charlotte, NC
Customer Service: (704) 759-1400
Contacts: Jill & William Pickett
Offers: 96-gallon receptacles "outside" with "inside" receptacles based on customer needs.

Signature Waste
PO Box 7349, Charlotte, NC 28214
Customer Service: 704-714-9400
Contacts: Aaron Blanton & Bob Martin

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