Stormwater Fee

The City of Concord's stormwater program is funded entirely by a utility fee, not tax dollars.  The fee is based on:

  • How much impervious area there is on the property
  • The cost of providing stormwater services

Current Fees

Most single family homes will be charged a rate of $5.16 each month.  Very small homes and very large homes may pay slightly lower or higher rates respectively.  Other properties will be charged by the number of Equivalent Runoff Units (ERU) times the monthly charge of $5.16.  An ERU is equal to 3,120 sq. ft. of impervious surface and represents the median impervious surface area found on a single family property.  The number of ERUs for non-residential properties is determined by dividing the amount of the property's impervious surface square footage by 3,120.

Residential Home Fees

Single-Family Residential Lot
Total Impervious Surfaces

Percentage of ERU
(1 ERU = 3,120 sq. ft.)

Amount added to
Utility Bill

Small (401 to 1,899 sq. ft.)

0.6 (60%)


Medium (1,890 to 5,507 sq. ft.)

1.0 (100%)


Large (Greater than 5,507 sq. ft.)

1.8 (180%)



Where does the money go?

The utility fee revenue helps Stormwater Services do many things, outlined below

Maintain & Install Infrastructureculvert

  • Hundreds of miles of piping and other system components make up the storm drainage system that protects Concord from flooding. Stormwater Services maintains system components inside the street right-of-way.  


  • The best way to protect stormwater quality and stop pollution is to educate our citizens. We make changes in our behaviors when we learn about the negative consequences they create. 
  • Our environmental educator attends civic group & neighborhood meetings, visits school groups, develops literature and maintains an informational website to teach the importance of keeping our stormwater clean, because it NEVER receives treatment before it enters a body of water!

Protect the Environment

  • Development and other human interactions with the environment increase the amount of stormwater runoff which is easily contaminated and carries pollutants into our surface waters. Stormwater Services continues to work to reduce stormwater pollution, stop illegal dumping, clean up our watershed and restore local streams.

Street Sweep

  • Two street-sweeper trucks work together to remove tons of debris from Concord streets each business day. Their work prevents system blockages and protects our waters from silt and sediment pollution.

Review Plans

  • The Engineering Department reviews plans for all new development within the City limits, making sure projects comply with state & federal regulations and contribute as little as possible to stormwater pollution.

Map the System

  • In order to effectively maintain the storm drainage system, our gis technician is working to map all of concord’s outfalls, drains, ditches, pipes & other system components while monitoring for illicit discharges.

Mailing Address
City of Concord
Water Resources
P.O. Box 308
Concord, NC 28026

Physical Address
Alfred M. Brown Operations Center
635 Alfred Brown Jr Court SW
Concord, NC 28025

For Stormwater issues or questions, please call 704-920-5555.