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Mailing Address
City of Concord
Electric Systems
P.O. Box 308
Concord, NC  28026-0308

Alex Burris
Director of Concord Electric Systems
(704) 920-5335

Scott Chunn
Deputy Director of Electric Systems
(704) 920-5304

Fred Porter 
Electrical Engineering Manager
(704) 920-5303

Christopher Greene
Supervisor, Electric Metering Systems
(704) 920-5316

Jackie Rushing
Electric Overhead Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-5306

Billy Robins
Electric Underground Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-6328

John Russell
Project Engineer
(704) 920-5309

Andrea Cline  
Coordinator, Substation Maint., SCADA and Peak Generation
(704) 920-5325

Jenny Volpicelli   
Electric Safety Coordinator
(704) 920-5328