Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Controls

The primary goal of the construction site runoff control program is to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff from construction activities disturbing one or more acres of land surface and those activities less than one acre that are part of a larger common plan of development. Additional objectives include providing procedures for public input, sanctions to ensure compliance, requirements for construction site operators to implement appropriate erosion and sediment control practices, review of site plans which incorporates consideration of potential water quality impacts, and procedures for site inspection and enforcement of control measures. Finally, the Town must establish requirements for construction site operators to control waste such as discarded building materials, concrete truck washout, chemicals, litter, and sanitary waste at the construction site that may cause adverse impacts to water quality.

The City of Concord relies on NCDENR to comply with this Minimum Control Measure. Additionally, the City of Concord conducts random inspections of local land disturbing activities that have a sediment and erosion permit issued by NCDENR, to see if the site is in compliance. The City also monitors the NCDENR program for effectiveness in the permittee jurisdiction. Finally, potential problems at construction sites with sediment and erosion control permits are reported to NCDENR and any follow-up actions are monitored and documented.

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