Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

The aim of the pollution prevention and good housekeeping program is to prevent or reduce stormwater pollution from municipal operations.

The City of Concord has developed and implements annual evaluations for the operation and maintenance of city owned facilities.  The evaluation is to ensure the operating procedures are followed to achieve the goal of preventing and/or reducing pollutant runoff.  The city employees are trained annually to perform daily activities with the awareness of possible stormwater pollution. 



Municipal Operations include:

  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Fuel Farms
  • Materials Storage Yards
  • Pesticide Storage Facilities
  • Public Works Facilities
  • Parks and Recreations
  • Recycling and Household Waste Facilities
  • Oil Collection Centers
  • Street Repair and Maintenance Sites


Water Resources staff have categorized City facilities to show Major and Minor sites. 

Major sites are inspected annually.

A detailed inspection checklist is used to perform Major inspection and points are earned for implementing pollution control measures.  The facilities with an “A” receive an award for achieving the practices of the stormwater pollution prevention.  They also receive an award for excellent measures.

 Minor sites are inspected by auditing 20% each year for reporting requirements. 

These inspections of the sites include stormwater infrastructure condition and possible spills of any materials.  Each site is evaluated for stormwater pollution prevention and good housekeeping measures that are in place.  They are evaluated by using the following criteria:

  1. Municipal Facilities Operation and Maintenance
  2. Spill Response
  3. MS4 Operation and Maintenance
  4. Municipal Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Operation and Maintenance
  5. Pesticide, Herbicide and Fertilizer Management
  6. Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance
  7. Pavement Management

To report pollution that will result in harming the creeks and rivers, call Stormwater at 704-920-5555 or email at     


Mailing Address
City of Concord
Water Resources
P.O. Box 308
Concord, NC 28026

Physical Address
Alfred M. Brown Operations Center
635 Alfred Brown Jr Court SW
Concord, NC 28025

For Stormwater issues or questions, please call 704-920-5555.