Public Education & Outreach

The purpose of the public education and outreach program is to distribute educational materials to the community, conduct public outreach activities, raise and improve public awareness on the causes and impacts of stormwater pollutants and inform citizens on steps and measures they can take to prevent stormwater pollution.

School, Community and Civic Groups Presentations

Our Sustainability Coordinator regularly visits school, community and civic groups to discuss stormwater runoff and pollution prevention. Departmental representatives frequent community events and festivals to improve stormwater outreach. Concord maintains an informational website which is updated regularly and develops and maintains a series of educational literature on stormwater issues. Further, our Sustainability Coordinator submits stormwater related press releases to all social media channels in addition to articles published in the City Circular, Concord’s quarterly magazine and CityLink, our bi-weekly email newsletter.

Concord 101, Journey Through Concord and Civic Education

The Stormwater Services Department participates in several City programs in which our Sustainability Coordinator teaches participants about stormwater runoff and pollution prevention.  Civic Education is a program reaching nearly every 3rd grade class in the City.  Concord 101 is a course open to all Concord citizens and includes a visit to the Brown Operations Center to learn about the Stormwater Services Department, stormwater issues and pollution prevention.  Journey Through Concord is a similar program open to all City co-workers.  The Stormwater Department also has an Enviroscape model which is often demonstrated for school, civic and community groups.

sustainability coordinator

Mailing Address
City of Concord
Water Resources
P.O. Box 308
Concord, NC 28026

Physical Address
Alfred M. Brown Operations Center
635 Alfred Brown Jr Court SW
Concord, NC 28025

For Stormwater issues or questions, please call 704-920-5555.