Development Standards

The Development process from Design to Utility Permitting to Construction to Certificate of Compliance can be an intimidating process. The information found here is designed to aid the Engineer and/or Developer through the different phases of the Development process and streamline the point of reference for the required standards and documentation. At any point, along the process, if you have any questions, please contact us here.   


Development Standards Process Workflow


Sewer Allocation

The Concord City Council adopted a sewer allocation policy. The policy outlines that any project requiring a permit based upon 15A NCAC Subchapter 2T rules and WSACC Sewer Allocation and Commitment Policy shall be evaluated for preliminary allocation by City Council.  A project must have received preliminary allocation approval prior to submitting construction design drawings. For residential projects, the preliminary application requests will be processed at the time of preliminary plat.  All non-residential projects must have received preliminary sewer allocation approval prior to formal review of construction design drawings. Those projects will be presented quarterly to Council. If approved, the project will have 1 year to achieve final plan approval and WSACC flow acceptance. 

In accordance with the City of Concord’s preliminary sewer flow allocation policy; a City of Concord Preliminary Wastewater Flow application (PWWF) with a project narrative must be submitted to the City through Accela Citizen Access

The estimated average daily sewer flow rates indicated in 15A NCAC Subchapter 2T 0.114 Wastewater Design Flow Rates are to be utilized in determining the total average daily flow except for single-family and multifamily residential development. For single-family and multifamily residential development, an average daily wastewater flow rate of 75 GPD per bedroom is to be utilized in determining the total average daily flow per the recently adopted Wastewater Regulatory Relief Act G.S. 143-215.1 Amendment.

PSA Submittal Deadlines and Council Meeting Dates
July 22, 2024 (September 24th Council Meeting)
October 21, 2024 (December 17th Council Meeting)

Once finalized, the Sewer Allocation Packet can be found on the Council Agenda-Agenda and Minutes for the applicable meeting date, at the following link

City Council Sewer Allocation-Project Approval Summary (Archives)
June 25, 2024 Approval Summary 
March 26, 2024 Approval Summary 

December 19, 2023 Approval Summary
September 26, 2023, Council Meeting-CANCELLED
June 20, 2023, Council Meeting-CANCELLED- June 2023 Preliminary Wastewater Allocation Summary 
March 21, 2023 Approval Summary

December 20, 2022 Approval Summary
September 20, 2022 Approval Summary
July 19, 2022 Approval Summary *The June 21st sewer allocation meeting was rescheduled to July 19th.
March 22, 2022 Approval Summary

Please contact the Engineering Department at 704-920-5425 if you need further information. 

Standard Codes, Ordinances, Specifications and Details

Please refer to the applicable standards to ensure that your design meets all required codes and standards. 

City of Concord Code of Ordinances -Municode

Concord Development Ordinance-Complete

Article 1- General Provisions 
Article 2- Administrative Agencies
Article 3- Zoning Amendments and Hearing Procedures 
Article 4- Environmental/Land Disturbing Activities 
Article 5- Subdivision Plats, Site Plans, Construction Plans
Article 6- Permits and Approval Processes
Article 7- Base Zoning Districts
Article 8- Use Regulations 
Article 9- Special Purpose and Overlay Districts
Article 10- Development and Design Standards
Article 11- Landscaping and Buffering 
Article 12- Sign Standards
Article 13- Nonconformities & Vested Rights
Article 14- Definitions 


Technical Standards-Complete

Article 1-Stormwater
Article 2-Streets and Pedestrian Paths
Article 3- Driveways

Article 4- Waste Water Collection System
Article 5- Water Resources
Article 6- Electric 
Article 7- Landscaping 
Article 8- Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
Manual of Standard Details


City of Concord Standard Details

Backflow Prevention  

Backflow Prevention Manual and Details

Sewer Details 

CoC Std-Doghouse Concrete Manhole
CoC Std-Inside Drop Manhole with Drop bowl 
CoC Std-Lateral Installation on Existing Sewer
CoC Std-Lateral Installation on Proposed Sewer
CoC Std-Precast Concrete Manhole
CoC Std-Vent for Precast Concrete Manhole

Water Details

CoC Std-Direct Bury Butterfly Valve
CoC Std-2inch Commercial Water Service
CoC Std-3/4 inch 1inch Irrigation-Commercial Water Service
CoC Std-3/4 inch 1inch Residential Water Service Meter
CoC Std-4inch Master Water Service with Vault
CoC Std-6inch Master Water Service with Vault
CoC Std-8inch Master Water Service with Vault
CoC Std-Air-Release Valve Assembly 
CoC Std-Backside Tap
CoC Std-Blow-off Assembly
CoC Std-Hydrant Assembly
CoC Std-Residential Domestic and Irrigation Water Service Split
CoC Std-Temporary Jumper Connection 
CoC Std-Valve Box Protection 

Miscellaneous Details

CoC Std-Carrier Pipe ROW
CoC Std-Carrier Pipe Railroad-ROW
CoC Std-Casing Pipe Spiders
CoC Std-Creek Crossing 
CoC Std-Typical Anchor Block
CoC Std-Typical Roadway Utility Location 
MISC 202 Utility Cut Replacement Detail  

General Conditions for Horizontal Construction
General Provisions for Vertical Construction

Separation Details

CoC Std-Relation Water-Sewer Mains
CoC Std-Relation Water-Sewer-Storm



The City of Concord, in accordance with our National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Permit, requires stormwater treatment and peak attenuation for most development projects to manage stormwater discharges.  Stormwater Control Measures (SCM) are utilized to meet the requirements for development as outlined in Article 4 of the City of Concord Development Ordinance.  Reference Article 1 of the City of Concord Technical Standards for more information on the design of SCMs.


Title 15A NCAC 2T

Title 15A NCAC18C


WSACC Standard Specs and Details

(Located in WSACC's Engineering section)


Design/Plan Review

The City of Concord Planning Department administers design/plan review under the City of Concord Development Ordinance.  Engineering comes along side the Planning Department to provide site plan review for stormwater management plans and public water and sewer infrastructure, including permitting public water and/or sewer extensions.  Formal review takes place within the Citizen Access Online Permitting platform


Utility Permitting

Once a Development plan (Single-Family, Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial, etc.) has been submitted to Planning through Citizens Access (Accela), the Engineering department will review the plans and assist the Engineer with determining the appropriate permitting requirements. Depending on the scope of the project, the following typical Permit & Encroachment requirements may apply. Utility permitting typically takes up to 4 weeks from approved Utility applications to approved permit documentation. Payment of Fees and scheduling a Pre-Construction meeting are common reasons for delays in finalizing and issuance of permit documentation.   

Utility Permit applications and supporting documents

Preliminary Wastewater Flow Application-PWWF
Water Application-WDSEM
Sewer Application-WWCSEM
Pump Station and Force Main- PSFM Attachment A 
Utility Easement Template
Consent of Lienholder
NCDOT Encroachment Agreement-Three Party
Preliminary Application for Utility Extension Outside City Limits




The City of Concord Water and Sewer fee schedule can be viewed here.  

Non-residential: Typically, the non-residential water and sewer connection charges associated with developer installed commercial/industrial services are assessed with each site plan submission, unless otherwise authorized by the City. 

Residential: The water and sewer connection charges for residential Multifamily (Apartments/Leased residential single-family/townhomes) development with master water meter systems with private internal water and sewer lines are assessed as part of site plan submission and are based on most current fee schedule at the time of approval. 

Residential Single-Family: The water and sewer connection charges for residential (Single-family/Townhome) subdivision development are assessed with each building permit.


Please be advised that Cabarrus County assesses a WSACC System Development Fee as part of the building plan review fees that is separate from the City of Concord’s fees and charges. Please reference Cabarrus County’s adopted fees and charges for further information.

For WSACC System Development Fees click here.  

For Cabarrus County Fees click here.


After the applicable fees have been paid, a representative from the City of Concord Engineering Department will contact the developer to schedule a Formal Pre-construction Meeting. All Public Water & Sewer Permitted projects require a Formal Pre-Construction meeting. For Non-Permitted projects, an onsite In-formal Pre-Construction meeting will be scheduled. To schedule a Pre-Construction meeting, please contact us at 704-920-5425. 


The Engineering Construction Program ensures land development and City of Concord construction projects are built in accordance with the approved plans, contract documents, City of Concord Standards and Specifications. Please make note of the following steps to ensure appropriate documentation is provided through out the construction phase.    

Please reference the following General Conditions for Horizontal and Vertical Construction. 


The Performance Surety process is governed by Article 5.7.4 paragraph H of the Concord Development Ordinance.


Performance Sureties are required when public improvements are shown on approved plans but not yet constructed. These improvements can include asphalt final surface, sidewalks, street trees, and Storm Water Control Measures (SCMs) formerly (BMPs). These sureties must be established prior to the approval of the final plat for subdivisions and Certificate of Completion for site plans.  The surety can be in the form of a bond, letter of credit, or cash.  The surety shall remain in place until final inspection and acceptance by the City of Concord.  At that time, the surety shall be released.

The dollar value of the work must be determined by utilizing the surety estimate forms included here.  The Engineer of Record must select a form, complete the required information, convert the form to a PDF, sign, seal and submit the PDF to Gary Stansbury, Engineering Construction Manager. Based upon the preferred method of surety, the Engineering Construction Manager will develop the agreement and provide the appropriate forms to the Developer’s representative to begin the signature and agreement execution process.

Performance Surety Documents

Roadway Final Surface Performance Estimate Form
SCM Performance Estimate Form

Performance Surety Bond Form
Performance Surety Agreement Form LLC
Letter of Credit Agreement Form
Cash Escrow Agreement Form

All Surety Agreements and associated documents may be delivered or sent via overnight service (UPS, FedEx) to

Gary Stansbury, CCM
City of Concord
635 Alfred Brown Jr. Ct. SW
Concord, NC 28026-0308

Please send all questions and inquiries to Gary Stansbury through our contact form


Please reference the SCM intake form for a guide to the SCM maintenance agreement 


Once all the applicable Water and Wastewater system improvements have been constructed a final inspection must be completed. Final Inspections are scheduled with the City of Concord Engineering Department Construction Inspection Staff.  If you have not scheduled your final inspection with your City of Concord Engineering Inspector, please contact us here.  

As-Built/Final Certification


All Water and Sewer Permits must be closed out by submitting Final Certifications PRIOR to the Issuance of the Certificate of Compliance (COC). IMPORTANT: DO NOT SUBMIT THE FINAL APPROVAL APPLICATION PACKAGE UNTIL the all applicable Water and Wastewater system improvements have been constructed, final inspections completed, and the required onsite utility testing have been accepted. Final Inspections are scheduled with the City of Concord Engineering Department Construction Inspection Staff.  

If you have not scheduled your final inspection with your City of Concord Engineering Inspector, please contact us here.  

Please reference the following Partial/Final Certification checklist for all required documentation. The documentation must be submitted by way of hard copy and Electronic copy to the City of Concord Engineering Department. Packages should be sent to Alfred M. Brown Operations Center, 635 Alfred Brown Jr Court SW, Concord, NC 28025, Attn: Timothy Emrich. Do Not Upload to Citizen Access (Accela).    


All SCM Final Certifications must be submitted PRIOR to the Issuance of the Certificate of Compliance (COC), unless a Performance Surety has been executed. IMPORTANT: DO NOT SUBMIT THE FINAL CERTIFICATION PACKAGE UNTIL CONSTRUCTION IS COMPLETE. 

Please reference the SCM As-Built/Final Certification process here


Certificate of Compliance (COC)

The following requirements MUST be met prior to the Issuance of the Certificate of Compliance (COC). Engineering will authorize the COC once the final inspection is performed, all punch list items addressed and items and processes in the COC site close-out are complete.

Certificate of Compliance checklists below

COC Checklist Site Non-Permitted 
COC Checklist Site Permitted 
COC Checklist Subdivision Permitted 

FINAL PLAT (Subdivision only): 

Infrastructure must be in place and functional including storm drainage system, sanitary sewer system, water system with full flow, roadway aggregate base course, concrete curb and gutter and asphalt base course.

Prior to Plat signature and recordation, the SCM Maintenance Agreement, SCM and Roadway Performance Sureties must be in place.


SCM maintenance agreement, As-builts, and Engineer’s certification must be completed. 

If the construction of the SCM, As-builts, and Engineer’s certifications are not complete at the time the COC is desired, a performance security for 125% of the construction cost may be posted with the City of Concord.  This process may take 30-60 days.  Please plan accordingly.


Utility accounts must be created with the correct billing name, address, and account number.  Call Customer Care at 704-920-5555 to create your account. Connection and Capacity fees Should be paid at the time the plans are approved.  Please prepare to present your receipt to Customer Care when requesting City provided meters.


Backflow certification and final inspection. Call City of Concord Water Resources at 704-920-5352.


Final As-Built Certification for Public Water and Sewer Extensions must be completed. Reference the As-built/Final Certification steps above.


This inspection includes site utilities, general site plan items, right-of-way improvements, and SCM general inspection.  Contact designated City of Concord Construction Inspector here to request a Final Inspection.


Final Fire inspection must be completed. Call FMO at 704-920-5517 for inspections.


Development Services/Zoning inspection approval – call Planning at 704-920-5152 for inspection of landscaping, sidewalks, parking, and other aesthetics.


Physical Address
Alfred M. Brown Operations Center
635 Alfred Brown Jr Court SW
Concord, NC 28025

Mailing Address
Engineering Department
Post Office Box 308
Concord, NC 28026-0308

To contact the Engineering Department, please call 704-920-5425.

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