Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Opportunities

Hawthorne St housesThe City of Concord is pleased to provide opportunities to purchase properties that have been constructed or remodeled and kept affordable. This effort was recently passed by the Concord City Council, which obtained funds from 1¢ of the planned tax rate dedicated to the creation and preservation of affordable housing. Eligible properties are only available once published with open application deadline dates. You must apply during the open application process. If you submit your application before or after these dates, your request will be denied.

Our affordability efforts are based on the City’s mission to partner with our community to deliver excellent services and plans for the future while preserving, protecting and enhancing the quality of life. We want to place our best efforts in this program and, in the spirit and nature of the program, keep these opportunities affordable. This program has a scoring matrix, which allows our Affordable Housing Purchase Committee to review and recommend the best offer to our City Council for approval.

Please see the property information below. In an effort to keep our community and staff save during the pandemic and the current NC State of Emergency restrictions, we have a link for a virtual tour for your convenience. You may drive by the site, but due to builder insurance liability, you are not permitted into the home or on the site. Once the application deadline has passed and the property has been fully constructed, we will allow site visits for those who have met the requirements and will be eligible to be reviewed by our Committee. The Concord City Council will determine the final offer approval.

Program Contact Information: 704-920-5154 or Contact Us.

The City is in the process of constructing additional homes.

Information will be made available in the near future.