Residential Garbage

Garbage Collection is a weekly service. No advanced scheduling necessary.

  • Place all garbage at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Place the roll-out carts at least 2 feet apart and 2 feet from obstructions that may interfere with collection (i.e. mailboxes, fire hydrants, parked cars, etc.).
  • Retrieve carts by 9:00 p.m. on your collection day.

Garbage Carts

Residents are provided one green roll-out garbage cart per household. Residents who recycle will find one garbage cart adequate. If your garbage does not fit into your green roll-out cart, you must rent a brown garbage cart (limit of 2) for your additional garbage. To learn more call 704.920.5555.

Bag All Waste

  • All garbage must be in tied plastic bags and fit within the roll-out cart with the lid closed.
  • Bags that are placed outside of the garbage roll-out cart will not be picked up and will result in code enforcement action. 
  • For courtesy collection of extra trash bags, please contact the Customer Care Center 24 hrs. in advance at 704.920.5555. (Up to 5 transparent bags are accepted)
  • Litter occurring while emptying roll-out garbage carts with unbagged garbage is the resident’s responsibility and will result in code enforcement action.

Disposal of Pet Waste & Fecal Matter

  • Fecal matter contains harmful bacteria and is best disposed of through your plumbing system.
  • Before placing anything containing fecal matter into your garbage cart follow these guidelines to prevent breakage that may expose collectors to disease and require special cleanup:
  • Triple bag all pet waste, kitty litter, and other items contaminated with fecal matter using tied plastic bags.
  • Bags must weigh less than 35 pounds.
  • No liquid fecal matter should be placed into your cart, even if bagged. Dispose of liquid material using your household plumbing system (i.e. pour it into your toilet).

Disposal of Paints

  • We encourage citizens to recycle used paint at the Cabarrus County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility.
  • Do not place paint cans in your garbage or recycling roll-out carts.
  • Oil based and latex paint will not be collected at the curb. Please take these paints to the Cabarrus County HHW facility for reuse or proper disposal.

Disposal of Dangerous Items


NEVER dispose of medication by pouring it down the drain, flushing it, or throwing it into the garbage. Medication should not be allowed to get into the water system. Medications can be safely disposed into permanent drop boxes located at:

  • City of Concord Police Department 41 Cabarrus Ave, West
  • Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office 30 Corban Ave, SE
  • Kannapolis Police Department 401 Laureate Way

Dangerous garbage items:

All dangerous items such as broken glass, light bulbs, and sharp pieces of metal must be securely wrapped to prevent injury to collection personnel. Placing these items in paper or plastic bags is not considered adequate protection.


Hypodermic instruments:

All discarded hypodermic syringes or needles shall be rendered inoperable and placed into a rigid plastic container (like a liquid detergent bottle) with the lid tape closed. Place container into your regular garbage. DO NOT place container into the recycling cart to be recycled.


Christmas Holiday Collection Exceptions

  • Extra bags are allowed outside your roll-out cart beginning the day following Christmas until Friday of the next full week following New Year’s Day. (Must be in clear transparent bags)
  • Most wrapping paper and gift boxes are recyclable.
  • Artificial Christmas trees and holiday decorations are garbage; remove lights, ornaments and the stand and bundle all the pieces together as bulky waste.
  • Live Christmas trees and other live greenery are collected with yard waste.

2024 Recycling & Bulky Waste Calendar


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