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Adam District-Captain John Parker



The Adam Patrol District is a designated area in northeast Concord comprising mixed-use residential and commercial properties. Adam district has an area of 8.70 square miles with a residential population of approximately 18,445. There are currently 26 officers serving in Adam district. The district has 9 educational institutions, 7 recreational parks, and multiple employment and economic facilities such as Atrium Health, the Carolina Mall, and the Northlight Shopping Center.

Many of our residents participate in the Partnership for Stronger Neighborhoods, a program designed to build relationships with established neighborhood organizations to enhance the quality of life in our city. Adam district has 8 of these neighborhoods. Adam district is also home to a vibrant and growing craft beer industry. Some of our more notable establishments are Cabarrus Brewing Co., Southern Strain Brewing, and High Branch Brewing. All three offer a wide range of handcrafted beers, making them a popular destination. All in all, the Adam patrol district offers a wide range of options for our visitors and residents alike to safely explore and enjoy.

Captain John Parker has been with the Concord Police Department since 2004. Parker worked in the Baker and David Districts as a patrol and field training officer. In 2017, Parker was promoted to Sergeant, where he served in both Baker and Charlie Districts.

In 2019, Parker was transferred to Vice/Narcotics as the Sergeant until his promotion to Lieutenant in 2022. Parker served as a Watch Commander until being reassigned to Professional Standards, where he supervised training, administrative investigations, CALEA Accreditation, and uniforms.

Parker has his master’s degree in performance Improvement and is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police (Session 86), a force-on-force and FIP Instructor. Parker also volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas and serves on both the Cabarrus Leadership Council and the Concord Police Foundation.

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